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Biden and Putin to speak on Russia-Ukraine war anniversary

China ‘extremely concerned’ as war escalates

The country’s foreign minister said Tuesday that China is “extremely concerned” about the war in Ukraine spiraling out of control.

“We urge some countries to immediately stop adding fuel to the fire, stop blaming China, and today Ukraine, stop blocking Taiwan tomorrow.” Both Ukraine and Taiwan.

“Since the outbreak of the crisis, China has taken an objective and fair stance based on the merits of the issues,” he said.

While China has long refrained from condemning Moscow for its aggression, he said China was seeking “common security” and was ready to promote dialogue and consultation toward ending the crisis. .

Russian ruble weakens ahead of Putin’s address to parliament

This material was produced in Russia, where legislation restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

MOSCOW – The ruble weakened on Tuesday despite rising demand for the currency as Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared to address lawmakers on the Ukraine conflict.

Early on Tuesday, the ruble was 0.7% weaker at 75.05 against the dollar, having touched a nearly 10-month low of 75.30 on Friday.

There is usually more demand for the currency ahead of the month-end tax due on February 28, when exporters usually convert their foreign exchange earnings.

“The weakening in the first half of February is largely associated with psychological pessimism over the expectation of new sanctions,” said Andrei Kochetkov, principal analyst at Otcriti Research.

Some House Republicans criticize Biden for trip to Ukraine

Biden’s sudden trip to Ukraine on Monday drew many attacks from conservative Republicans, who accused him of neglecting issues at home, including the southern border.

Read more here.

Rep. Jason Crow on why he thinks Biden should send F-16s to Ukraine

Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., is one of five lawmakers from both parties who signed a letter pressing Biden to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine — military aid Biden previously said the U.S. Will not be willing to provide.

Crowe said in an interview on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Monday that Ukraine needed the jets to “go on the offensive and retake territory as soon as the mud season is over, otherwise the Russians will rebuild their military power and Will keep trying.” Press this fight.

Crowe said the fourth-generation fighter would give Ukraine an opportunity to establish air superiority, “which they haven’t been able to do since the first days of the war.”

Biden welcomes surprise and delight as Kiev’s mystery guest

Before news of Biden’s secret visit broke, residents of Ukraine’s capital reported closed roads and unusual traffic jams, filling the social media rumor mill with suggestions of a high-profile guest.

Soon there will be little hope of seeing the President of the United States strolling through the city center, an undeclared ambassador of hope that the Western coalition supporting Ukraine’s defense against Kremlin attacks can remain strong.

Evgeny Lazarenko, 30, told NBC News he was surprised given the dangers involved, which made Biden’s appearance all the more appreciative. Read more from the ground level in Kiev here.



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