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The “Sister Wives” Christine isn’t officially divorced from Kody, according to Robyn Brown, until she has a “physical relationship” with another man.

Our church has blessed us with a spiritual marriage to Kody,” Robyn remarked. “We need to go acquire their consent if we want to get a divorce.”Christine isn’t officially divorced from Kody,

What actually constitutes a spiritual divorce is not entirely clear to Christine Brown and her former Sister Wives.

Robyn, Kody Brown’s fourth wife, shared her thoughts on Christine and Kody’s 26-year marriage ending in divorce on Sunday’s edition of the TLC show.

Christine, Kody, and his other wives Janelle and Meri were informed by Robyn that they were divorced, as opposed to the usual practice of our religion. “You must go seek a divorce. You must have documentation and approval. The breakdown of the marriage must be demonstrated.”

This is a little different, I believe, since you no longer consider yourself to be a member of that church, she said to Christine.

In November of last year, Christine said on Instagram that her spiritual union with Kody was over. In September 2021, she relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she still makes her home today with her daughter Truly, who is 12 years old.

. (The ex-couples are also the parents of Paedon, 24, Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Gwendolyn, 20, and Ysabel, 19) and their children. There are 18 kids all together for Kody between the two women.)

In a confessional, Robyn said, “Christine simply admitting she’s divorced is sort of discrediting our views. We are joined to Kody spiritually via our church. If we want to have a divorce, we have to go and ask for their approval. Typically, they ask for counseling, and a tonne of meetings, and legally, from what I understand, Christine isn’t technically divorced until she has a physical relationship with another man. But I’m not sure.

Christine’s divorce became effective when she declared the marriage was done even though she is no longer a Mormon Fundamentalist and was never wed to Kody.

We haven’t gone through any legal proceedings because I don’t have a written agreement binding me to Kody, she said.

Christine also told the family that she had sold her house in Flagstaff, Arizona, and would be relocating to Utah in a week during the episode.

This is not going to be a simple talk, she warned. “Not only is my house under contract, but I’m also moving out. This is the sort of thing where you have to take the rug out from underneath them.”

Christine believed the choice she made to terminate her plural marriage and start fresh was the right one, despite how painful it was.

“I got married when I was 21. I’m 49. In a confessional, she declared, “I’m starting all over again.”. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m moving forward and in the direction of something greater. I am certain that I am heading in the right direction. And in most cases, that’s sufficient.

She said, “I know without a doubt that I have tried for years to make this work. Knowing that I gave it my all, I feel at peace with myself.. I have nothing I can do to stop others from looking at me and thinking something different. My main priority is being a mother, but I wasn’t able to do it clearly. conscience continues to be married to someone who is crushing the hearts of my children and who had favorites and made them quite clear. I wanted to do it for them because I needed to stand with them.




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