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Former GOP Gov. Larry Hogan says he would consider not running in 2024 if his candidacy would help Trump

Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan said Sunday that he would consider not running for office in 2024 if his bid increased former President Donald Trump’s chances of winning re-election.

“I’m a lifelong Republican who wants to support the party’s nominee, whoever it is. However, you know, I’ve said before, I didn’t support Trump, I won’t support Trump,” Hogan told NBC. News’ “Meet the Press” exclusive interview.

“If you feel that your candidacy … is going to inadvertently help Donald Trump, would that be a reason not to run?” asked host Chuck Todd.

“That would be a very good reason to consider not running. Absolutely,” Hogan said, “I don’t care much about my future in the Republican Party. I care about making sure that we have a Republican Party future.” Is.”

When asked if he has made a decision about a possible run for the White House in 2024, Hogan said he has not, but “will look into it very seriously.”

Hogan said, “I’m traveling around the country just trying to get a feel for what Republican voters want, what Americans are looking for, and we’re going to make a decision in a relatively short amount of time.”



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