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Her TikTok video about her date and $3 cheese went viral. But the story was fake.

Should you expect a date to pay $3 extra for cheese on their burger? This question has become a viral litmus test for unrealistic dating expectations, as a recent TikTok video sent the Internet into a hysterical frenzy β€” over a story that wasn’t even real.

New York City resident Daphna Diamant took to TikTok last week to talk about a first date, telling the camera she paid the bill and allegedly complaining about a $3 upcharge for adding cheese to her burger. went out after.

“I texted him, ‘Check taken care of, you should have received the cheese,'” Diamant said in the video. “And I blocked him.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 6 million times in just a few days, has sparked a heated debate across social media about whether this is a red flag to skimp on a few dollars for add-ons to your meals – or Let’s just say Diamant’s date dodged a bullet and made the right financial move.

As viewers turned to the latter position, so did the opinions.

“I wouldn’t pay $3 for cheese,” read one comment that garnered more than 150,000 likes.

“Brother is financially literate,” read another with nearly 95,000 likes.

But the story that is now being circulated all over the internet was not actually the case. That said, Diamant’s date didn’t drop a thing, nor did it reach out and block it.

Instead, the pair asked a waitress at a man at another table about the cost of adding cheese to his burger, then declined after hearing that it would cost $3. The conversation started between the two about what each of them would do in that situation.

“If I’m sitting on a date with a guy and I feel like he’s cheapening something that would make his meal more enjoyable, he’s going to cheapen the rest of our date,” Diamant told NBC News. told. “It’s not about the cheese. It’s about going to a restaurant and having a good time with your date.”

Diamant said she shared with her date why Upcharge’s negative reaction would bother her, and that her date agreed with her perspective. That discussion, she said, generated the idea for an upcoming TikTok video, which she said her date was on board from inception.

What they didn’t expect, however, was in for what they thought would be a goofy video that blew up into passionate discourse on dating expectations. Diamant said all the attention has become a bit overwhelming, especially after reading comments calling her “crazy” or claiming she would “die alone.” She tries not to watch the stitches of his videos.

It’s not about the cheese. It’s all about going to a restaurant and enjoying a good time with your date.

-TikTok creator Dafna Diamant

Still, she said, she aims to view the situation through an assertive lens.

β€œHe thinks it’s funny, too. And we’ve only had one date, so he’s not obligated to me in any way, but he’s checking to see if I’m okay,” she said. And I try not to take it personally, because it didn’t really happen.”

In the days following Diamant’s TikTok, a creator who speculated that he was Diamant’s date that night received 7 million views on his video, which was even more than the original video. He wrote in a comment that he dodged a “nuclear strike, not a bullet”.

Diamant, who did not confirm the date of this creator, said it is amusing to see how easily people believe false stories online. He added that this willingness to embrace beliefs, combined with many viewers’ strong interest in stories about dating, makes it easy to increasingly sensationalize the discourse on such controversies.

“Looks like the people who had opinions against me got confirmation that they were right, so they continued the conversation and commented on the video as well [on my page] It has nothing to do with the story,” she said. “If I wasn’t a confident enough person, some of these comments could drive someone to do really weird things. So I hope people find something better to do than leave bad comments on someone’s videos and pictures.”

As for the identity of her real date, she said that she prefers to keep it private. In a separate TikTok video, she said that the two have plans for a second date.



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