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Hong Chau wore dress honoring her Vietnamese heritage to Oscars

“And I asked them if they could add a little mandarin collar as a little nod to my roots and they were more than happy to oblige,” she explained. “So it feels like a really trendy outfit. I feel beautiful in it. But I also feel like I can move and I’m agile so it suits me very well.”

Chow’s stylists, Zadrien Smith and Sarah Edmiston, told E! News reporter Zanna Roberts Rasi said that Prada sent several sketches for the custom gown, which also featured an asymmetrical black feather train.

“And Hong himself was like, ‘Yeah, that’s great, but I think we need to add the collar,'” said Rasi, adding that the actor also sent back his own sketch of the look and drew inspiration from the 1997 Prada show. Had taken

“She went deep into it,” said Rope.

Chow’s parents – while his mother was pregnant with him – and older siblings emigrated to Vietnam after the Vietnam War. Chow was born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1979, and his family eventually relocated to the New Orleans, Louisiana, area.

In an interview with ABC on the red carpet, Chau talked about becoming a mother in 2020 and how it helped her get in touch with her character in “The Whale.” Chow plays Liz, a caregiver and friend to an obese man.

“I just became a mother and my daughter was eight weeks old when we started it and I just empathize with the character,” she told the outlet. “He’s trying to reconnect with his daughter and it’s just so heartbreaking.”

He said he felt the need to protect star Brendan Fraser on set.

“I felt this natural inclination to at least take care of her. I felt like I needed to protect her. And that worked really well for our characters on camera.



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