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Live television scare as CBS Los Angeles meteorologist faints and collapses during broadcast

It was a harrowing moment for live television on Saturday when a CBS Los Angeles (KCAL) meteorologist fainted and collapsed during a morning newscast.

CBS Los Angeles said in an update Saturday, “KCAL News meteorologist Alisa Carlson was about to begin her weather forecast this morning when she fainted.” “Our team jumped in to help and comfort her while waiting for medical help to arrive.”

In video from Saturday morning’s newscast, co-anchors Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina flanked Carlson for a weather update.

“Who’s ready for some sunshine? I know I am. Get started with your next weather check with meteorologist Alyssa Carlson. She lives in the studio with us,” says Medina.

As Medina continues to talk, the audience sees Carlson’s eyes roll into the back of his head and fall.

Kim says a worried “oh” before Medina says they are going to break up.

After the incident, KCAL posted on Twitter that Carlson is “now resting and recovering.”

Carlson posted on his own Facebook thanking people for “all the texts, calls and well wishes”.

“I’m going to be fine!” she wrote.

The news station and Carlson did not provide any details about what caused Carlson to faint.

KCAL said the meteorologist will return to work “as soon as he is well enough to return.”

This isn’t the first time Carlsen has been sick on air.

The meteorologist, who previously worked for NBC affiliate KGET, threw up during a newscast in 2014, she said.

Carlson thought he had flu symptoms, but a doctor later told him he had a leaking heart valve.

“So I went to the doctor and he said to me ‘Have you ever thought about getting heart disease?’ And I said ‘are you kidding me? No, I’m too young for that and I’m too healthy.'”

Carlson said that stem cells from her pregnancy with her daughter had begun to heal her heart valves.

“My baby’s stem cells started healing my heart,” Carlson said through tears. “I feel like I owe it to people and everybody and God, to give back and spread the story and help people realize that you might have something that you don’t even know you have.” what do you have.”

It is not clear whether Carlsen is still suffering from a leak in a heart valve or whether it was linked to his collapse in Saturday’s event.



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