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Maren Morris Enters the 2022 CMA Awards with a Bottle of Champagne, to the tune of “Karma” by Taylor Swift

A CMAs legend! The best entrance of the night went to Maren Morris at the 2022 Country Music Association Awards, despite the fact that she might not have won her award.

The “Middle” singer, 32, wrote “BYOB CMA ” as she sauntered backstage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Wednesday, November 9. Morris dazzled in a long necklace and low-cut black gown while clutching a champagne bottle.

The Texas native finished her look by waving at the camera while Taylor Swift’s “Karma” was playing in the background.

Aren’t you jealous that it isn’t true for you? Karma’s a comforting concept. the 32-year-old Cats actress sang in the footage. “Karma is a cat, sweet as honey.”

Following her announcement that she was forgoing the ceremony despite being nominated for Album of the Year, Morris made a surprise appearance at the 56th annual CMA Awards.

“I’m incredibly honored that my album has been recognized. Regarding her social media saga with Brittany Aldean, Morris told the Los Angeles Times in September, “I don’t know whether I feel [at] home there right now. “There will be so many people I care about in that room, and I might decide to go at the last minute. But right now, I don’t feel secure enough to travel.

Some nights are fun, she continued at the time. Some days I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin,” she admitted. “I’m awkward, so I’m not good at those gatherings. But this time, the idea of staying home makes me feel somewhat at ease.

The Jason Aldean-married 33-year-old boutique entrepreneur gained notoriety earlier this year after saying

She transitioned from being a “tomboy” in her early years. Morris quickly responded to Brittany’s transphobic post, for her part.

If you find it perplexing, it’s because you believe that we are ‘fighting’ over politics. We aren’t. The “Bones” singer, who has a 2-year-old boy named Hayes with her husband Ryan Hurd, tweeted in August that this wasn’t political. “We’re exposing someone for their transphobia and finding it amusing. It’s not.

On social media, Morris and Brittany kept debating one another while each expressing their own position.

“I was astonished beyond words. I never thought there was anything wrong with it in stating my response. this evening in September,” the YouTube sensation, who is married to the 45-year-old country musician and has two children, said in defence of her remarks on Tucker Carlson. I think I’m speaking up for children. I think it’s irresponsible to let youngsters make such significant decisions at such a young age. They are not mature enough.

The ceremony on Wednesday was also attended by Brittany and Jason, who have not officially made peace with Morris. The trio looked to keep their distance even though they were all seen together at the Bridgestone Arena.

A social media user responded to Morris’ TikTok with, “Showin’ up just in time to save the show.” Another chimed in with, “Slay them insurrection Barbies, queen,” in reference to one of her comments against Brittany’s blonde locks.

By responding, “Karma is using your voice for good and being inclusive for ALL country music fans,” a third TikTok user paid homage to Swift’s words.



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