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Missing Texas teen found locked in North Carolina building

A 13-year-old Texas girl who was reported missing two weeks ago was found locked in a North Carolina building by a man who lured her home, authorities said Monday.

Davidson County Sheriff Richie Simmons said at a news conference that the girl was found Friday night in Davidson County, just south of Winston-Salem.

Authorities said Jorge Ivan Santos Camacho, 34, was arrested on child kidnapping, felony, statutory rape and other charges. Simmons said the two had communicated on social media chat programs.

A house and outbuildings in Lexington, NC, on Monday, right where George Camacho is believed to have been living.
Jorge Camacho is believed to be living in Lexington, NC, on Monday.twelfth

“She really tempted him to leave the house,” Simmons said.

The owner of the property told NBC affiliate WXII of Winston-Salem that Camacho also lived in the outbuilding where the victim was found.

Simmons said the sheriff’s office was contacted by the FBI in Dallas, and it placed Camacho under surveillance and made a traffic stop around 6 p.m. Friday.

The sheriff’s office said the girl was in what was described as an outbuilding that was locked from the outside.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported that the girl had been missing for about two weeks.

The sheriff’s office said Camacho was held Monday in exchange for $1.25 million. Online court records did not appear to show whether he had an attorney.



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