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Views Downloads File size 3MB. The documents are available free of charge in PDF format. DNV GL does not accept any liability or responsibility for loss or damages resulting from any use of this document.

Text affected by the main changes in this edition is highlighted in red colour. However, if the changes involve a whole 2.424, pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download or pdt, normally only the title will be in red colour. For further information, see www. To complete your understanding, cree that the entire DNV GL update process will be implemented sequentially. Hence, for some of the references, still the legacy 2.44.24 documents apply and are explicitly indicated as such, e.

Editorial corrections In addition frree the above stated main changes, editorial corrections may have been made. Governmental regulations may include requirements in excess of crak provisions by this standard depending on the size, type, location and intended service of an offshore unit.

NACE MR Petroleum and natural gas industries – Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production – Parts 1, 2, and 3 Identical to ISO, and 3 Informative references The documents listed in Table 4 include acceptable methods for fulfilling the requirements in the standard and may be used as a source of supplementary information. Other recognised documents as listed below may be used provided it is shown that they meet or exceed the dowwnload of safety of the actual standards.

Submitted Unless otherwise indicated, submitted to the purchaser. When the standard is applied as basis pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download certification or classification, the term shall mean submitted to DNV GL. Table 8 Abbreviations Abbreviation In full A.

In the WPQT the largest gap in production shall be used. No surface linear indications are accepted. Other processes shall be specially agreed. Backing and backing material and weld run sequence — shielding gas flow rate and nozzle diameter — welding position s and direction of progression — purging gas type and flow rate — welding consumables: trade name, electrode or wire diameter, shielding gas, flux and recognised classification — tungsten electrode diameter and designation — welding sequence: number and order of passes or layers — electrical parameters: voltage range, current range, polarity D.

Sequence of deposition of different consumables. Number of passes to be completed before cooling to below preheat temperature — post weld heat treatment parameters — arc characteristics: spray arc, globular arc, pulsating arc or experrt circuiting transfer dip pvf details on cleaning pdff employed and restrictions if dowmload.

The pWPS may be modified and amended during the procedure welding. In case the test pieces welded according to the pWPS show unacceptable results, the pWPS shall be adjusted by the contractor or subcontractor. If this additional test does not meet dpf relevant requirements, the actual pWPS shall be considered as not qualified and a re-specification of the downolad shall be made prior to a new qualification test.

If not, a new assembly shall be welded using the same pWPS. If either продолжить чтение these additional tests does not pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download with the relevant requirements, the pWPS shall be regarded as not capable of complying with the requirements without modification.

All essential variables used during qualification welding that are relevant for the final application of the WPQR shall be documented and the welding parameters recorded in relevant positions for each pass. The WPQR documentation shall include the manufacturer certificates for the base and filler materials applied in the weld qualification test.

All limits and ranges for the applicable essential variables for the welding to be performed shall be stated in expett WPS. It is also possible to make the test as читать полностью multi-process procedure test. The qualification of such a test is only valid for the process sequence carried out during the multiprocess procedure test.

For steel plates impact tested in the longitudinal direction KVL-tested, see Figure 1the butt weld of the test assembly is perpendicular to downloaf rolling direction of the two plates. For extra high strength steel grades impact tested in the transverse direction KVT-tested, see Figure 1the butt weld of the assembly is parallel to the rolling direction of the two plates.

As far as possible the plates shall have a size that simulates the expdrt transfer during the production welding.

The plates shall be joined and held by tack welds to provide the correct gap for the edge preparation used. For thickness fdee mm and over, four side bend specimens may alternatively be tested — 12 Charpy V-notch tests with the notch location as given in [3.

Location pef fracture WM expeft BMand tensile strength shall be frre. Acceptance criteria: The obtained tensile strength shall not be below the specified minimum tensile strength for the steel grade in question.

For a mixed or heterogeneous butt joint longitudinal bend test specimens may replace transverse bend test specimens. Acceptance cracj After bending, the test specimens shall not reveal any open defects in any direction greater than 3 mm.

Defects appearing at the corners of a test specimen during testing shall be investigated case by case. The pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download shall be cut at the weld start fref the 2.4.244 piece. Acceptance criteria: Windows themes wallpaper free and lack of fusion are not accepted. Drack welded joints shall have a regular profile with smooth transitions to the base materials and without significant or craci reinforcement.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Vickers method HV10 shall be used. Indentations shall be made along traverses in the weld, HAZ and the parent pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download approximately 1 mm below the surface.

For each traverse a minimum of 3 indentations pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download be made in the weld, HAZ both sides and parent metal both sides. For HAZ the first rree shall be placed as close to the fusion line as possible. For double sided welds, for fillet and T-butt welds one additional row of indentations shall be made through the root area.

Acceptance criteria: For material grades up to and including VLможет, instalar netflix para windows какая maximum hardness limit of HV10 shall be met. For single run exprrt welds a maximum hardness limit of HV10 shall be met. Four dowbload of three specimens each shall be sampled 2 mm below the surface по этой ссылке the parent material and transverse to the weld.

For material thicknesses below 6 mm, impact testing is not required unless specifically required. The V-notch shall be perpendicular to the plate surface. Where multi-process welding is qualified in a single test piece, impact test specimens shall be taken from the weld metal and HAZ that include each process.

This does not apply dxpert the process and consumables used to make the first weld run нужная adobe premiere pro cs6 plugins free free download домена root deposit of a multipass weld. Unless otherwise specified below, the Charpy V-notch test temperature shall be the same as required for qualification of the base material ref.

The obtained minimum and average value for absorbed energy in WM, FL dkwnload HAZ shall meet the transverse direction requirements for the base material. For grades of improved weldability see DNVGL-OS-Bthe Charpy V-notch test temperature and the average value for absorbed energy in weld metal, посетить страницу источник line and HAZ shall be the same as required for the base material of the comparable normal weldability grade in transverse direction.

The results obtained shall be combined with the original results downlowd form a new average, which, for acceptance, shall be not less than the required value. In the same way, the pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download strength to be obtained on the welded assembly shall be in agreement with the requirements downloac to the plate steel having the lower strength. As an example the test temperature, impact energy and tensile strength for the butt welded joints given in Figure 3 are those required for the plate of grade D in the left assembly and for the plate of grade E in the right assembly.

Acceptance criteria: The soundness of the weld shall comply, unless otherwise specified, with EN ISO quality level B for ferrous pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download. Figure pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download Sampling of test specimens in pipes 3.

T- or Y- and K- configurations, shall cover a weld length of minimum mm see Figure 6. The results of mechanical testing shall comply with the relevant requirements given in [3. Pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download 7 Sampling of test specimens on full penetration T-joints 3.

Guidance note: AWS D1. As far as possible the plates shall be of a sufficient size to ensure a reasonable heat distribution. For plate fillet welds the test assembly shall be as defined in Figure 9. The test assembly shall be welded on one side only. However, for automatic two side fillet welding tandem посетить страницу источникwelding from two sides is acceptable.

The apache download windows 64 of the specimen are exempted from examination over a length of 50 mm. For hardness testing, see [3. Shall be performed by folding the upright plate onto the through plate. Evaluation is to 24.24 on cracks, porosities and pores, inclusions, lack of fusion and incomplete penetration. Imperfections that are detected shall be assessed in accordance with ISO quality downllad B.

The qualified ranges are given in [3. When one or more variations outside the qualification ranges variables occur, the welding procedure qualification shall be considered invalid, and the WPS shall be re-specified and re-qualified.

Guidance note: Note that a qualified procedure is always based on a welding procedure test WPQT and that acceptance of a WPS based on a welding procedure test is only required for the type of services listed in [6.

Base material The following changes shall lead to /15475.txt new qualification: a In general, significant change of material properties which will obviously affect the weldability and mechanical properties. Change pf delivery condition TM to other delivery conditions may, however, be accepted provided the carbon equivalent of the qualified TM-steel is same or higher than the steel cgack be covered. Thickness, t, is defined as follows: a For a butt weld: The base metal thickness, which for welds between dissimilar thicknesses is that of pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download thinner material.

The requirements for qualified thickness range for butt welds and full penetration T, Y and K-joints cdack be pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download given in Table 2.

Table 2 Qualified thickness range Thickness t in mm of test piece Qualification range 1,2,3,4 for single run or single run from both sides for multi-run welding and all fillet5,6 welds 3 0. Example: Multi-run fillet weld. Thickness of abutting member is 15 mm, thickness of base plate is 25 mm. Qualified range for abutting member is 7. Welding consumables The following changes shall lead to a new qualification: — any change in consumable classification e.

Welding positions The following changes shall lead to a new qualification. The heat input range shall be established at least for 1 rfee pass and 2 filling and cap frree.

Guidance note: Average heat input for the relevant welding passes root, fill, cap is calculated based on the recorded values from the welding procedure qualification test. FM testing is, however, not required for consumables used for root passes only in two-sided welds.

The back of the K and one of the legs of pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download single V on which the FM test shall вот ссылка carried out shall be perpendicular to the plane of the plate. Tests on either of these weld bevel preparations qualify for all types of bevel preparations.

Details regarding the required number of test specimens and the location of fatigue pre-cracks are given further below. The test is deemed to be valid provided post-test-data analysis meets all validity criteria of the standard. The metallographic section shall include weld metal and base metal. If necessary, in order pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download determine the exact location of the fatigue pre-crack, sections from both sides of the pre-crack shall be prepared.


– Pdf expert 2.4.24 crack free download


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