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Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend wants NDA nullified citing sexual assault act

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman has filed court documents seeking to void a nondisclosure agreement she signed, arguing that federal law bars NDAs from being enforced when sexual harassment or sexual assault is involved. .

Herman, who dated Woods for six years, filed the complaint in Martin County, Florida Circuit Court on Monday.

It added that Harman “is uncertain whether she may, among other things, disclose facts giving rise to the various legal claims she believes.”

Erika Hermann and Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup in Victoria, Australia
Erika Hermann and Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup on December 14, 2019 in Victoria, Australia.Ben Jared / Getty Images File

“She is also currently unsure what other information about her own life she may discuss or with whom,” the document continues. “Therefore there is an active dispute between the plaintiff and the defendant which requires an express declaration from the court to the plaintiff.”

The filing states that the NDA was signed in August 2017, after the pair began a personal and professional relationship. Herman was previously the general manager at his restaurant, The Woods Jupiter.

The lawsuit states that the NDA should be voided because of the Speak Out Act, which protects victims of sexual assault or harassment, but does not make specific allegations against Woods.

In a separate court filing from October, Herman accused Woods of locking her out of the Treasure Coast, Florida, home they shared. She is seeking more than $30 million in damages, according to a lawsuit she filed against Homestead Trust Woods Controls.

The lawsuit states that she entered into an “oral tenancy agreement” with Woods that remained in effect for five more years. Herman alleges that he was tricked into leaving the house after being asked to pack a suitcase for a holiday. According to the filing, when she reached the airport, she was informed that she had been home quarantined.

“The defendant’s agents attempted to justify their illegal conduct by paying for a hotel room and certain expenses for a short period of time, successfully detaining the plaintiff from her home and intimidating her to return,” it says .

Since then, the lawsuit says, she repeatedly asked to be moved back into the home but the trust and its agents refused and removed her belongings from the residence. The suit also alleges that he misappropriated $40,000 in cash belonging to her.

Woods’ team did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

Woods’ attorneys filed a response to Harmon’s lawsuit about being evicted from the home, saying he was “advised he was no longer welcome” when the pair ended their relationship. He said that he “responded to the breakup by filing this lawsuit.”



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