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U.S. unveils new support for Ukraine and sanctions on Russia as world marks war’s anniversary

US support and sanctions

The Biden administration said early Friday that it would send high-tech military equipment, ammunition and financial aid to Ukraine in a new support package marking the anniversary of Russia’s “brutal and unprovoked” full-scale invasion.

The White House said in a statement that it is also joining with partners in the Group of Seven countries to impose new financial penalties designed to halt funding of Moscow’s war machine.

Those measures would include imposing sanctions on 200 people and companies, restricting exports to Russia and raising tariffs on products from the country.

“This week, President Biden visited Kiev, Ukraine, and Warsaw, Poland, to send a clear and powerful message that America will stand with Ukraine as long as it stands,” the Biden administration said in a statement.

The new consignment of equipment for Kiev includes drones, high-mobility artillery rocket systems known as HIMARS, a “large amount” of ammunition for artillery systems, mine-clearing devices and communications gear .

Zelensky, who has won praise in the Western world for leading his country’s side in Kiev, vowed to push for victory in the war’s second year.

“On February 24, millions of us made a choice. Not a white flag, but blue and yellow. Not running, but confronting. Resisting and fighting,” he said on Twitter in the early hours of Friday.

“It was a year of pain, sorrow, faith and unity. And this year, we are unstoppable. We know 2023 will be our year of victory!”

China’s peace plan

Russia marked the anniversary this week with an impromptu speech from Putin, in which he vowed to improve the country’s nuclear capabilities after suspending its role in the New START arms treaty, and honored Russia’s armed forces. To organize a patriotic program in Moscow on Wednesday.

The US lethal aid package comes as China sets out its approach to peace in Ukraine, calling for a ceasefire and an end to unilateral sanctions – days after the US said China was ready to provide lethal military aid to Russia Could

A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday said: “Conflict and war benefit no one. All sides should remain rational and exercise restraint, avoid fanning the flames and exacerbating tensions, and The crisis must be stopped from worsening or even spiraling.” Control.”

While China says it is neutral in the conflict, it also has “no borders” relations with Moscow. China has stopped short of criticizing the Russian invasion and refused to describe it as such.



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