Model who accused Adam Levine of flirting hosts lucrative strip club gig in Las Vegas.

Adam Levine and Alyson Rose are said to have had a private conversation that she allegedly had with Adam Levine on Instagram.

She doesn't seem particularly averse to the fame and fortune that followed that revelation, which was somewhat to be expected.

In September, model Sumner Stroh claimed that Adam Levine had had a "physical" affair with her.

Stroh said she felt "exploited" and "manipulated" by the singer-songwriter. Levine has denied the accusation.

On Saturday night, model Amber Rose hosted Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Las Vegas in return for what insiders said was a "large" check.

The next day she claimed that she'd had an apparently quite different experience with Levine, who, she said, had flirted with her online.

Rose "seemed in excellent spirits as she toasted [with] vodka cocktails while attending 'Exxcite The Show,'" our source claims of the three-hour performance.