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YouTube creators can now dub their videos in multiple languages

YouTube on Thursday launched a new feature for creators to dub their content into other languages, allowing viewers around the world to consume more content.

The multi-language audio feature has already been test-piloted by one of the platform’s biggest stars, Mr. Beast.

“Because their content is so broad, over the past year we’ve asked Mr. Beast and a small group of creators to help our team test a new feature, allowing creators to add multi-language audio to their videos. are,” YouTube product manager Ritz Campbell wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

Mr. Beast has already dubbed some of its “most popular videos into 11 languages ​​and is hoping to bring more international viewers to its main channel through the feature,” Campbell wrote.

In an interview with YouTube creator liaison Rene Richie, MrBeast said that the ability to dub videos – instead of creating multiple separate channels that exist solely to provide their content in other languages ​​– streamlines their workflow. Is.

Mr. Beast said, “Having so many different channels is honestly too much work.” “It’s so handy to have it all in one central location.”

MrBeast said the new feature not only helps content creators streamline their workflow – it also helps viewers and followers around the world find content in one place.

“Whether you’re in Mexico, you’re in Brazil, you’re in India – all the dubs are in one place, on one video. So it’s very easy for people to understand,” he said.

Initially, the feature was only tested among a handful of creators, such as MrBeast. Campbell’s blogpost states that YouTube will now expand the availability of the feature to “thousands more creators”.

The post states that YouTube has already seen “over 3,500 multi-language videos uploaded in over 40 languages.”

YouTube reported that, in testing the new language features, creators found 15 percent of the time viewed on videos that offered dubs in multiple languages ​​that were not in the original language of the video.

YouTube reported that in January, viewers watched an average of more than 2 million hours of dubbed videos per day.

Viewers who wish to watch the video in a different language can access this feature by clicking on Audio Settings and selecting the available language of their choice.

“Whether it’s chess tutorials, a historical documentary on Rome, or a ghost hunting series in Italy, we can’t wait to see our creators continue to adopt this feature into their content, and our viewers find videos from international channels,” Campbell wrote in the blogpost.



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